Ж was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1983. Studied social science, Direction of photography in ECA Buenos Aires and got in 2012 a postgraduate in Visual Arts in Universidad de last Artes (UNA).

In 2011 his film and installation project: Δ ж Δ Σ Δ r j Σ n (aka marjen), has been exhibited and included in the permanent collection of Pantalla Global in CCCB-Barcelona.

In 2012 he got a fellowship from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to develop his film-installation: Revém Natura in México.

In 2014 he founded with Carla Lombardo .txt texto de cinema publishing house responsible for the translation and publication of artists and filmmaker’s texts. Currently working in the translation of “Daybooks” from Jonas Mekas and “Aspiro ao Grande Labirinto” from Helio Oiticica.

His works have been screened in festivals and showed in collective exhibitions in Cantor Gallery- Massachussets; Berwick Film & Media Art Festival – UK;  VisArts-Frame & Frequency Vl.2- Rockville; Plecto Gallery-Medellin; MIS-Sound and Image Museum -São Paulo; FestCurtaBH- Belo Horizonte; Casa das Rosas- São Paulo; Dobra- Festival Internacional do Cinema Experimental- MAM, Rio de Janeiro; CCCB -Barcelona, EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo)- Montevideo, CCEG-Guatemala, MAPA-México, Cuerpos de Agua- Bogotá ; IX Festival Transterritorial CineUnder in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Quilmes and individual exhibitions in La Darsena Buenos Aires, La Quimera Córdoba and Sala Nordeste, Recife.